'TRIPPIN'BACKWARDS' - the Independent Blues Broadcasters (IBBA) - ‘pick of the month’ Oct 2017

What the DJ’s said:

  • ‘An absolutely brilliant album, and I love it to bits’ - Kevin Beale: Blues On the Marsh
  •  ‘I like this album a lot’ - Harry Simpson: Still Got the Blues
  •  ‘Rather fine’ - Dave Raven: Raven & The Blues
  •  ‘An absolutely awesome collection from one of the UK’s finest Blues Artists’ - Ian McHugh: Blues Is the Truth

What the Press said:

  •  ‘And an excellent album it is…. great stuff, beginning to end’ - Blues Matters
  •  ‘…great playing, wide ranging…and a dash of wry humour.’ Blues In Britain
  • '... a high octane soulful set of terrific songs.... no doubt that this band can play pretty much anything.... an intersting mix that's well worth hearing.' Maverick Magazine

Although currently gigging with THE ROBERT HOKUM BLUES BAND, THE GREAT WEST GROOVE and as a SOLO ARTIST, recent interest in previous projects prompted the compilation album of  'live' work with BLUES SANS FRONTIERES, THE GUV'NORS & DORRIS HENDERSON.

 Info on all of these acts is below.

ROBERT HOKUM - 'TRIPPIN' BACKWARDS' - A 'LIVE' RETROSPECTIVE will not be on any streaming/download sites and only available from THE EALING CLUB website at

https://the-ealing-club.myshopify.com/products/robert-hokum-live-retrospective-cd or directly from Robert Hokum at gigs. 

Upcoming gigs are listed on the cover pic of the Facebook page - www.facebook.com/robert.hokum 

Also check out www.youtube.com/roberthokum 


Steve King - bass / Paul White - percussion / Robert Hokum - guitar & vocals

Essentially a delta blues / groove type trio. The idea being to keep the amount of equipment to an absolute minimum to take this line-up into venues where space is at a premium and volume may be an issue.

Debut CD 'Why The Hell Wasn't I Born Rich!' Released Dec. 2016

‘.....their stripped back semi-acoustic format allowed both gritty echt vocals and guitar skills to shine on both covers and superb originals like 'Walking The 4020' (that's the Uxbridge Road not a shotgun) and the sardonic, witty, 'Why the Hell Wasn't I Born Rich?' - BLUES IN BRITAIN, SEPT 2015 review of the Ealing Blues Festival.



Mehboob Nadeem - sitar / Sam Kelly - percussion / Paul Clarvis - percussion / Robert Hokum - guitar & vocals

A 'Global Blues Band', delta blues with a sitar taking the lead lines held down with World percussion. Very different and has to be seen to be believed!!! Sold out Brecon Cathedral as part of The Brecon Jazz Festival in 2011. The 2014 gig at The National Portrait Gallery was the first time they had ever had to declare 'full house' on their Friday music sessions.

Also check out this clip from our 2008 gig at The Bush Hall.


Despite having officially split up in 2013, the band's farewell album 'Live In Ealing' got picked up by British Airways for their inflight programmes for Oct-Dec 2015 and became the most listened to album in the Jazz & Blues section, picking up more listens than the established artists......... Here's what they did......



Dorris was part of the New York Greenwich Village scene, hanging with the likes of John Lee Hooker, Memphis Slim, Bob Dylan etc. Moving to London in the early ‘60s she teamed up with John Renbourne and became probably the first Afro-American to commercially record English Folk Music. Sadly, the recording on ‘Trippin’ Backwards’ was made less than a year before she passed away and are made more remarkable by her having completed a course of chemotherapy only 2 weeks previously.